LazyDog® Vineyard & Edible Garden
6 years after breaking down the fence and putting in a gate our desire to be self- employed, living & working on a rural property is coming to fruition. It did not happen over night! STAGE 1: LazyDog® Bistro & Wine Bar  -  Bannockburn 2005 Central Otago was home for Diana growing up and continued to be the place we chose to escape the adult necessity of working for a living. It has been a long term goal to find a way to make Central Otago permanently home. We had family that planted grapes on their Gibbston sheep farm during the mid 80’s so we had become inspired early on. There was a family joke about the sheep dogs eventually being “laid off” to hang out in the vineyard and become lazy. This proved indicative of changes to come for the broader region. As plantings of vines rapidly claimed the lower pastures, around Central Otago, the iconic NZ Huntaway working dog could now be found lazing around the local vineyards! Our LazyDog® is symbolic of the change in Central Otago’s economic base changing from sheep farm to include the modern wine farm, giving rise to the opportunity for our business, based initially in Bannockburn.  Following years of planning, countless form filling and jumping regulatory hurdles we were able to move on to the next stage. September 2008 In September 2008 we took up the opportunity to invest in our own bit of “dirt” in Central Otago and the first stage of the LazyDog® Vineyard & Edible Garden was underway. We planted grapes, olives, nuts, berries & apples. STAGE 2 - THE BUILDING, THE VINEYARD & THE EDIBLE GARDEN October 2008 – The Building In October 2008 we laid the slab for our modern woolshed replica building.  The build was completed in 11 weeks and we moved the Bistro up the road to Queensberry to open Boxing Day 2008. We worked on the building and garden each day during the 11 weeks, and ran the Bannockburn Bistro at night. November 2008 – First Plantings The initial plantings included: Chenin Blanc Grapes: The first ½ hectare, 680 vines Olives – a Grove of four varieties, 80 trees in total Berries - Raspberries, Blackberries, English Gooseberries & Strawberries Nuts: Pecans, Almonds and Hazels Fruit: Crab Apples, Apples, Quince, Feijoas, Peaches, Lemons, Limes, Currants Landscape Trees: Establishment of front garden and outdoor eating area
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Contact : ph 03 445 3211, email :, 2 Gladsmuir Road, Queensberry, RD3, Cromwell 9383