WINEMAKING (cont’d) LazyDog®  Vintage - 2013  190 cases produced. A lot of learning in the vineyard as we struggled to control vigor and ripen the grapes fully. 100% in stainless steel tanks at DC wines. The finishing of the wine was undertaken by Deb Cruickshank in consultation with Jeff Sinnott. LazyDog®  Vintage - 2012  110 cases were produced. What a season! Mother Nature gave us a break. Wonderful fruit balanced before it left the vine. 40% of the volume was fermented in old oak barrels and 60% in stainless steel tanks, at DC Wines. Bus-Stop Vintage - 2011 Three years after the initial planting we produced our first small vintage of 15 cases. This truly home-made wine became known as The “Bus Stop” vintage.  Each day we would wait for the rural school bus and chat with Jeff Sinnott (destined to become our wine maker one day) who held an enthusiasm equal to our own about growing and making Chenin Blanc! . Deb Cruickshank (DC Wines) finished this first vintage for us in her small boutique winery in Cromwell, and agreed to help us the following year
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